Shift Automotive kicks off today as the inaugural convention designed to bring a meeting of minds between the automotive and electronic industries, with the goal of investigating and changing the way we think about mobility.

A series of speeches and workshops will explore how both sectors are dealing with the challenges of new technology that is rapidly transforming the way we approach transportation.

Professor Peter Wells of the Cardiff Centre for Automotive Industry Research, who will be participating in a discussion here at IFA, believes that the barriers to what we consider to be a car manufacturer are dissolving… even what constitutes a car.

He says, “Shift Automotive is an historic moment. It is imperative that the automotive industry finds new ways of reaching out and communicating with new partners that have distinctive skills and capabilities. As the boundaries start to crumble the industry really needs strategies to manage the transition from product to service, from car to mobility and from Linear to circular revenue.”

There will also be discussions on autonomous vehicles, and how to gain the trust of the public, as well as where these vehicles sit in the future of mobility.

Ben Boucher-West, the Mobility Head at AppyParking will be here discussing the industries current approach to these subjects. “I will be giving input into the vehicles relationship with cities and consumers on the street. I’m excited to share thinking on this point as there is still much to be considered before mass vehicle integration.”

IFA Executive Director Jens Heithecker adds, “Amazing things happen when researchers and experts from two different industries face the same challenge. With Shift Automotive, we want to work out how new technologies are changing all our lives, thinking and driving habits.”

This event will surely provoke some fascinating discussions as the sands shift within the automotive industry.