Anouk Groen is a design trend forecaster for the respected CMF blog and owner of RNA Design NV. On Monday she gave an “Expert Talk” at IFA Global Markets in which she provided insights into future trends. Here she shares her thoughts with IFA International:

As serial trade show visitors, we analyse what’s new, interesting, and can inspire future design and styling of client products. We present the trend directions through mood boards, films and stories. The result is the annual Trend Inspiration Report, which is a visual journey through the latest CMF forecast supported by the social trends that drive them.
After a period of social and political turmoil, it’s time to rise up to the challenge of the changing markets, break away from old formulas and evolve. The following three creative directions are the motivational movements that we see influencing the design trends. Life Adventure: This social trend represents getting back to nature. The styles are earth-inspired and classic. More people are doing amazing physical feats to change their lives or bring awareness to good causes.
Be You: Self-expression and personal style. Be more daring and wild. Here we look at people who became successful against the odds – for example the late Bruce Lee, who still influences popular culture today.
Mission Control: Performance and Achievement. The design styles in this category are futuristic and spaceoriented. On February 6th 2018, Space X launched the Falcon Heavy rocket. This event had a positive impact on consumer motivation and allowed us to dream again of the future.

Photo: Anouk Groen – Design trend forecaster, CMF blog Owner, RNA Design NV