Bosch is unveiling a wealth of innovations at IFA


Harald Friedrich, managing director of Robert Bosch Home Appliances, says at IFA the company is showing innovative product solutions for individual household needs, from design to networking. We started by asking him to tell us about some of these latest innovations in the cleaning categories of washing and vacuuming.

This year’s IFA has been a great event for us because there has been a lot of interest from the media and the Bosch products have had very good exposure to the public. One of the key products is a washer-dryer, the WDU28640 which includes the i-Dos function, so it’s what we call a fully automatic washing machine, because you just load the washing, you choose your programme and push the start button.

Everything else is done by sensors which detect the weight of the load, the level of soiling and also the different types of materials. Depending on this, the machine doses the perfect amount of detergent, so you don’t waste any detergent, but always get a perfect result.

We have cascaded the i-Dos feature down from our top series, home professional, via the series 8 and into series 6 to make it more relevant for the medium price segments.

What extra “support” does Home Connect offer owners of this washer-dryer?

This washer-dryer also includes the Home Connect function, which gives users additional programmes. There are 12 programmes on the machine, but with Home Connect, for example, there is an extra duvet programme which consumers don’t need all year round, but if they want to use it, they can select it in the Home Connect app and send the instruction from the app to the washing machine.

With software updates to Home Connect, that makes the machine “smart today, smart tomorrow”. We also have a steam function in this machine, so you can freshen up clothes without washing them by using a steam function only. That is quite a lot of functions to have in one machine.

What innovations are you launching in floorcare?

We are launching a product called Unlimited, which uses the same power packs that are in our power tools, so the packs can be swapped between power tools and this vacuum cleaner. This means that once the pack is empty, after 30 minutes or so, and you want to continue cleaning, you just take the other pack and put it on and continue. With traditional cordless cleaners, this is not possible, as the packs need to be charged and then you can continue. This product is being very well received at IFA.


Can you tell us more about the digital PAI projector that is on your stand at IFA?

The digital PAI projector, another interactive medium, is moving into the kitchen. It makes “guided cooking” a reality, a step-by- step method that leads to perfect results. It’s not launching in Europe.

The plan is to launch it in China next Spring – Europe has not yet been determined. China is a test market because consumers like innovative technologies, so we’ll see what happens then and think about where to launch it.

What does the future of connected appliances look like?

The trend for the next few years is clearly connectivity – connectivity that goes beyond the kitchen into the whole home, so our products can be integrated into smart home systems.

Voice control with Alexa is across the range for almost all products – by the end of the year all products with Home Connect will have Alexa. If you are in the living room, you can ask your washing machine if the laundry is already finished – because the washing machine is in the basement and you don’t want to go there if it’s not yet finished – and Alexa will give you the answer. Looking ahead, we are going to continuously develop hardware and we will put a big focus on all these services which can be sent through the software, like Home Connect.

Photo: Harald Friedrich, Managing Director, Robert Bosch Home Appliances