The new FC3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner from Kärcher is an alternative to the mop and bucket. Traditional methods of cleaning hard floors can be cumbersome, inefficient and ultimately unhygienic, dragging an increasingly dirty bucket of water around. This new product from the German global cleaning brand-leader has microfibre rollers rotating at 500 revolutions per minute constantly wetted with clean water and removing dirty water.

Not only does it offer 20% better cleaning performance than a mop, its 0.4ml consumption also saves 90% on water efficiency. The microfibre brushes effectively remove the dirt collected by the stripper edge of the brush head, and then collect it in a dirty water tank.

After mopping, the rollers can be removed very easily and washed at up to 60 degrees in the washing machine. With an emphasis on slim design for practical storage, a hinge makes the FC 3 Cordless manoeuvrable beneath and around furniture.


  • Better cleaning and more efficient than a mop and bucket
  • Slim-line cordless flexible design for storage and manoeuvrability
  • Two washable rotating microfibre rollers do the scrubbing work for you

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