Vacuuming carpets can be arduous and time-consuming when using a cumbersome vacuum cleaner nozzle slider, with the only solution being to manually set the motor to low power. But Siemens now offers a sophisticated solution with Twist Control, which guarantees optimal sliding power when vacuuming by allowing users to control the power as they vacuum by manually turning the regulator on the suction pipe.

It’s one of several innovations built into the next generation iQ300plus vacuum cleaner, which catches the eye with its limited edition “racing design” and features Siemens’ high-performance quattroPower Technology for superior suction with low energy consumption.

The practical 11-metre action radius enables an even longer and more comfortable vacuuming experience. Meanwhile, four soft rollers, an XL dust bag, powerProtect system for long-lasting cleaning performance, and activeSound control for multi-level sound insulation, round off the lavish features of this lightweight vacuum cleaner.


  •  Integrated autoControl to vacuum without interruption
  •  Low power consumption with AAAA energy rating
  • Quiet operation with activeSound control system

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