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As we arrive at the last day of IFA 2018, the key theme of the show – coinnovation – again comes back as we talk about the fabulous series of talks held this week as part of the IFA+ Summit, with the catch-cry of PLUG-INspiration. Looking back at the incredible thought leadership that has taken place yet again here in Berlin over the period of just a few days, it is evident that anyone attending will not have been able to avoid being deeply inspired.

This, added to the continuing conferences yesterday and today on the theme of mobility, sets the tone for the years to come, by channelling ideas, concepts and information into a single stream into which IFA attendees have been able to plunge, drinking-in knowledge and understanding. The result can and should be the fact that all are more in tune not only with the powerful possibilities, but also the key challenges ahead. They can take better advantage of the opportunities, hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls, and create a better future for the world.

Indeed, all participants in this year’s IFA are able to leave the show with the ability to create their corporate or institutional roadmaps for the future with much greater clarity and conviction. They will have received a rather good dose of PLUG-INspiration