For its first three editions, CE China has been held in Q2 in Shenzhen, however organisers Messe Berlin have announced that next year’s event will take place in September. The show was created as part of Messe Berlin’s strategy to ensure a broader global rollout of the “IFA concept”. We asked Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director, Messe Berlin Vice-President & CE China Chairman, what the reasons are behind the change.

Our goal has been to serve the retailers in Chinese consumer markets – especially with international brands from outside of China. While the date we first chose in April ts perfectly in the timing with IFA, we learned that a much more efficient date would be before Singles’ Day, after IFA, with quite a simple idea. Here in Berlin, we present on a global stage the global innovations to the global decision-makers. But to bring all these innovations to the different markets, especially to China, it’s a better time after IFA, so we decided to take it to September, after IFA. We will bring from here in Berlin all the innovations for the Chinese market. We will address the domestic retailers in China, as well as those from surrounding countries, as well as the domestic media. We asked the industry, and they all agreed with the move.

Will the location remain the same?
For the moment, we are discussing with two cities that are “neck and neck”. We really love Shenzhen; we think it is a great location for our trade show, but we are challenged with finding a slot. We will stay in this region, and in the next weeks we will decide whether we stay in Shenzhen or move to Guangzhou. All of our partners agree both cities and exhibition sites are great, but it is more important to nd a good hall at the right time.

Photo: Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director, Messe Berlin Vice-President & CE China Chairman.