Packing the one of largest sensors on the market for a compact camera, the next generation LX100 promises to capture market share at IFA

Now in its seventh generation, the acclaimed LX series is the ideal companion for street photographers, offering high end specs in a compact and light but robust body. Along with a new 17 megapixel multi-aspect Four Thirds sensor, the LX100 II houses a Leica DC Vario-Summilux Lens with f/1.7 fast aperture offering a 35mm equivalent of 24-75mm for impressive versatility, especially in low light.

“It’s pitched at customers who want quality photos without much light,”Osman Begdeda, Trainer Digital Imaging at Panasonic, told IFA International, adding that the camera is perfect for capturing moments in theatres, restaurants or indoor scenes. He also noted that the Leica lens remains wide angle even when the aspect ratio is changed.

Other features include 4K Video, the introduction of new Monochrome Photo Styles, Bluetooth and Wi- Fi connectivity, plus USB charging for power boosts on the move. Direct, intuitive control is promised thanks to dedicated rings and dials including an aperture ring, control ring, shutter speed dial or exposure compensation dial.

This version of the LX100 differs from its predecessor by including a new 3.0-inch touch screen that gives users the exibility to edit images on the run. Meanwhile, the 21.77-megapixel sensor – achieving effective 17.0 megapixel in 4:3 aspect – is a boost in resolution ensuring high resolution no matter which aspect ratio users choose to shoot in.

But the big upgrade is a sensor that is eight times the size of any other on the market, according to Begdeda.

“No other company can offer such a compact camera with such quality,” he said, adding that the device’s robust build quality matches that of professional level cameras like the Lumix GH5.