Everything is going mobile, whether it be entertainment, communication or gaming devices.


Percentage of Chinese consumers who use their smartphones to help them when shopping

Source: GfK


Growth in number of smartwatches sold with NFC
Source: GfK


Growth in smartwatch market y/y to 1st half 2018
Source: Futuresource

In the next pages, we take a closer look at an interesting sub-sector of over-ear headphones, of which the choice at IFA this year is mind boggling.

Meanwhile, of course, smartphones and smartwatches are also increasingly present. Even when shopping, people increasingly use their smartphones for information, and now also purchasing.

GfK has been looking at how consumers use their smartphone when shopping around the world, and found that in Asia Pacific, the percentage was particularly high. 90% of consumers in China use their smartphone to help them do their shopping. Brands are thus customising their marketing, keeping this in mind, and it’s even affecting the way products are rolled-out and presented. Sales of biometric enabled smartphones are growing fast, and another new phenomenon is a surge in sales of smartwatches with NFC – as a “mobile wallet”. In terms of value, GfK reports we are now up to around half of all sales – a growth of 22% over the previous year.


We are experiencing exciting times across the mobile technology market, most notably in the smartwatch category, which is witnessing a hotbed of diversification and innovation. Smartwatches are expected to see significant increases in demand, growing 47% in volume terms during the first half of 2018, this is according to the latest Worldwide Wearables report from Futuresource Consulting.

“The first half of 2018 has seen renewed interest in Smartwatches. Fitbit, launching its Ionic and Versa, have turned to multi-functional devices following consumer demand for smart wearables. Samsung has also announced its latest smartwatch, providing consumers with a premium smartwatch alternative to the Apple Watch,” commented James Manning Smith, Research Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “Apple has been steadily gaining market share over the last two years, which has been testament to the Apple Watch’s success, however this has been compounded by the fact that the competition has been slow to update their smartwatch models. During the remaining months of 2018, a number of high profile product launches are expected to push smartwatches back into the public eye, with purchase options arriving from a number of brands. Consumers will have more choice, and vendors will be keeping a closer watch on the upcoming technological developments that could drive sales of wearable devices. Futuresource expects a much more competitive market moving forward, with greater investment in product development, resulting in product improvements across the board.