Miele presented its new dialog oven at IFA 2017; and now, a startup called MChef is set to deliver top- class cuisine to people’s homes. Superior three- course menus, served and arranged on elegant plates – and ready to be cooked to perfection in a customer’s own dialog oven. The gourmet service, unique throughout the world, is due to start in September in North Rhine-Westphalia and to be extended to cover the whole of Germany from the beginning of next year.

The menu includes Ikarimi salmon tartare for starters, with marinaded shrimps and a small salad. Followed by fillet of Hereford prime beef with jus of red wine, vegetable strips and potato truffle gratin. And tiramisu pyramid cake with berry ragout and filled Amarettinis. These and a further 16 dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options and special creations for kids, are on the menu list presented by Martin Eilerts, founder and CEO of MChef in Bielefeld.

The target audience for the new gourmet service are owners of a dialog oven who wish to dine as if in their favourite restaurant in the comfort of their own home.