IFA saw the launch of Grundig’s kitchen appliances line created in collaboration with world-renowned chef and influencer, Massimo Bottura. Announced as Grundig’s official brand ambassador earlier this year, this is the chef’s first collaboration with Grundig, bringing to life their shared passion for premium quality and clean aesthetics. Designed to meet the demands of home cooks, who want a durable and unique product, Grundig’s new Massimo Bottura collection aims to inspire consumers to reach for culinary greatness when cooking at home.

Building on Grundig’s heritage of harmonious design, quality and innovation, the Grundig Massimo Bottura collection includes a Kitchen Mixer, Toaster, Coffee Machine, Power Blender and Hand Blender, all adorned with Bottura’s signature and his famous quote ‘cooking is an act of love’, which represents the shared ethos of the chef and Grundig on the importance of respecting food.


  • Distinctive in a powerful matte black symbolising Massimo’s strong character
  • Antique-gold highlights to showcase the value of food
  • Featuring Bottura’s signature and his quote ‘cooking is an act of love’