EZCast was at IFA 2018 showing off its latest screen mirroring technologies for business, education and personal applications.

EZCast has long been a leader in screen mirroring technologies, with EZCast catering to personal home casting needs, and EZCast Pro series focusing on the business and education sectors.

One of the stars of the EZCast offering this year was the Beam J2, the first mini projector designed specifically for screen mirroring iPhones and Android phones. With flexibility in both wireless and plug and play screen mirroring, it redefines portable screen mirroring applications, and charges your smartphone at the same time.

EZCast Beam J2 utilises Texas Instruments’ latest DLP technology to create the brightest portable projector of its class, at 150 Lumens. The internal battery is made of three packs of 3000 mAh batteries, so it can charge your smartphone while screen mirroring a full length movie.


  • Compact size
  • Designed for iPhone and Android
  • Charges phone