Netherlands-based Silk’n had a wealth of professional and domestic beauty devices on display at IFA 2018. The Silk’n Fresh is an upgrade of the facial cleansing brush – essential skincare for the 21st century – and claims to be the world’s first face brush that dispenses cleansing lotion. This means that, for up to 30 treatments, there is no need to use a separate bottle of cleanser. It is also a cordless electronic device that vibrates or pulsates, depending on the user’s choice of function mode, giving the skin a deep clean of all make-up, pollutants and dirt while simultaneously exfoliating and massaging. The Silk’n Fresh is bundled with an inductive charge cradle, brush stand and three different brushes of varying softness.


  • Integrated cleanser compartment holds enough product for up to 30 treatments
  • Patented vibration technology with different function settings
  • Waterproof in both shower and bath