Company unveils Quantum DOT displays, ULED and Laser TV

Hisense used IFA 2018 to unveil a broad and innovative portfolio of TV products. Highlights included the U9D with over 5,000 local dimming zones, the thin and frameless ULED-TV HZ65U8A design display, several TVs with laser technology and screen diagonals up to 100 inches, and the unique VIDAA U2.5 user interface.

According to Hisense, the secret of exceptional images lies not only in the largest possible image diagonal, but also in the contrast range of the image. At around 1.9 metres, its Premium ULED TV U9D delivers impressive pictures and sets new standards in terms of contrast range. The Hisense flagship is the first TV display to feature a 4K Quantum Dot Display, which is divided into over 5,000 local dimming zones. In each of these zones, the LEDs on the screen can be dimmed or switched off completely. Combined with premium backlighting (Prime Array Backlight), the Hisense U9D produces dynamic images with very deep black and bright white.

Meanwhile, the new Hisense ULED design television U8A impressed with its elegant appearance. Its frameless and super-slim look combined with high-quality metal housing underlines the design claim of the 65-inch display. The U8A is also equipped with a 4K-Quantum Dot-Display with 120 Hz refresh rate. Thanks to local dimming and processor-controlled brightness control, Hisense’s Elite Backlight technology delivers brilliant contrast values and images in a wide colour spectrum.

Another key highlight was the Hisense Laser-TV Personal home cinema surrounding, with phenomenal screen diagonals of up to around 2.5m (100 inches). This technology is well known in the professional sector and has extremely good contrasts and realistic colours combined with very high brightness values. When it comes to handling and ease of use, these projection giants are in no way inferior to conventional TV sets.

Photo: Hisense HZ75U9D