Innovative lightweight device isolates troublesome noise sources

Korea’s SM Instruments was at IFA with its SeeSV-S205, a real-time sound camera which implements FPGA-based high-speed beamforming technology. It was developed for noise source detection, and also performs excellently on stationary noise sources. It is capable of capturing 25 images per second and has a highly sensitive microphone that detects small annoyance sounds immediately.

SeeSV-S205 is a handheld sound camera. It visualises sound in colour contours, similar to the way a thermal camera visualises temperature. When developing/ repairing home appliances, vehicles or vessels, engineers can quickly spot the source of noise such as buzz, squeak and rattle, which is dif cult to detect otherwise. Noise from industrial products may imply design faults, abrasion of components, or other problems. However, it is not easy to spot the noise source with bare eyes and ears. A sound camera can be useful in this situation. But existing models were large, thus could only be used on a tripod. Installation was complicated, and exploration of upper/lower surfaces or narrow spaces was hard.

Its major application is for Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) noise source detection as well as Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) source visualisation. The unique design of SeeSV-S205 makes accurately measuring sound easy. Now it is possible to carry a sound camera anywhere to perform measurements. A Sound Camera has traditionally been heavy and expensive. However, the SeeSV-S205 has an ergonomic design and weighs only 1.97 kgs. It also has a highly competitive price.

SeeSV-S205 is based on the latest FPGA technology, which makes it possible to integrate signal conditioning, data acquisition, filtering, and beamforming processing into a single chip. SMI’s FPGA is fast; it generates 25 sound images per second with accurate resolution. SMI’s single FPGA does not need high electrical power and is driven by Power of Ethernet (POE). SeeSV-S205 uses highly accurate MEMS microphones for portable, fast, and accurate measurements.