Loewe was at IFA offering a glimpse of the future with a raft of products targeted at audiophiles and at those who want to experience music simply and quickly, but in the highest possible quality.

The Berlin fair comes in the wake of a historic homecoming for the rm. After 40 years, Loewe has returned to its Berlin roots where it continues to build on its formidable tradition in audio technology. There, in the city where the last Loewe transistor radio came off the production line in 1978, innovative, high-quality and powerful Hi-Fi products are now being developed again.

The company is setting up its own team of audio specialists in a co-working space in the city centre, from where they collaborate closely with the experts at the main factory in Kronach in Bavaria and the innovation team in Munich to create the perfect mix of sound, design and quality; and innovate and drive the planning and development of a portfolio of new sound products.

The firm says that, within a year, it will be launching a wide range of modern audio systems – including home cinema, more conventional Hi-Fi products as well as modern solutions for multi-room audio and portable music, exemplified by Loewe’s recently introduced klang m1 Bluetooth speaker.

Photo: klang m1 Bluetooth speaker by Loewe