Hisense showcased its latest smartphones at IFA. The Hisense A6 offers users two screens, while the Hisense Infinity H12 Pro boasts a 20MP front camera for super-sharp selfies. Both smartphones will be available in China, and there is a special version of the Hisense Infinity H12, with a 6.19-inch screen, designed for the European market.

The Hisense A6 front screen is a bright 6.01-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, while the rear sports a 5.61-inch HD+ e-ink display, designed specifically for e-books and other tasks that do not need a colour display such as energy efficient internet browsing. The e-ink display uses less power, which boosts battery life, while its low blue light emission is less tiring on the eyes, especially useful when reading long texts. The Hisense A6 combines a 12MP rear camera with a 16MP front camera. The handset can also be remote-controlled via IR and WiFi.


  • Two-screen option
  • Powerful cameras
  • Sleek new designs