At IFA 2018, Philips showcased what the company claims to be “the future of oral healthcare” – the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart range. Designed as a complete care system for oral health, these smart toothbrushes and related software allow users to tackle tooth whitening, gum health, plaque removal and bad breath. From the ability to monitor the efficiency of tooth-brushing in real-time via the Sonicare app, to sharing data directly with the user’s dentist, Philips believes this combined package will improve consumers’ understanding of how their habits at the bathroom mirror affect their overall dental hygiene. The app even provides personalised coaching, to improve brushing technique, while the built-in breath analyser can immediately help tackle breath quality issues.


  • New tech specifically targets bad breath and related bacteria
  • Real-time brushing feedback improves technique
  • Sonicare app empowers users to take an active role in oral health