Viewers of Toshiba sets will not need Echo or Remote to activate Voice

Viewers will soon be able to talk to Alexa using their Toshiba TVs alone. Starting in 2019, most Toshiba OLED, 4K HDR and Full HD Smart ranges in the UK and Germany will be Alexa-enabled, allowing viewers to interact with Alexa via the TV itself.

Instead of relying on an Amazon Echo, or a voice-activated remote control, the Alexa-enabled models will pick up requests for Alexa using a far-field microphone. Bringing additional smart user benefits to more homes, the Alexa-enabled TVs are set to provide a wider variety of voice features, right out of the box. Viewers will not only be able to use their voice to change the volume, channels and inputs, but also to ask Alexa to play music, read the news, launch apps, offer movie recommendations, and access Alexa skills built by third party developers.

This Alexa-enabled functionality is one of several new smart features that Toshiba is to offer. As part of the Toshiba Smart Lounge Experience, the brand is not only extending the range of online entertainment available through its Smart portal, but also making it quicker and easier to access. As well as providing one-click access to on-demand services, such as Netflix with dedicated buttons on its remote control, Toshiba has launched a customisable “scroll as you view” menu, enabling viewers to browse through on- demand options without leaving what they are watching.

Of the Alexa-enabled TVs, European Sales and Marketing Director, Bart Kuijten commented, “This launch is extremely important, enabling us to offer an “out of the box” home entertainment experience that’s intuitive and ultra-convenient. The appeal of TV has always been its unique capacity to work as an entertainment hub in its own right. So it makes absolute sense to build on this with an integrated cutting-edge smart feature that can ensure support and ease of control”.