Andreas Gelsheimer, Product Line Manager for Homecare D/AT and Michael Wolf, Product Manager for Laundry D/AT, introduced AEG’s upcoming products during the Innovations Media Briefing.

“We believe in knowing, serving, and learning from customer needs to create cleanliness that goes deeper Features that make life easier and can stand on their own as design objects are the key to our success,” said Gelsheimer.

The QX8 and QX9 vacuum cleaners, equipped with a power roller, picks up six times more dirt than other vacuum cleaners, while also polishing hard surfaces.

The Series 9000 dryer with 3D ScanSensor technology ensures thorough drying of garments, even thick, lined jackets. It senses moisture up to 5cm deep in clothing and even conditions the lining, heightening it by up to 30%.

August and December 2019 will see the release of Series 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 washing machines with Autodose function. The Series 9000 black edition washing machines and dryers, available in April 2020 features a WiFi connection, providing info about the total washing and drying time.

Cooking is about to become more intuitive: cookers and stoves with SensePro, SenseFry, and SenseBoil encompass sensor technology for perfect culinary results. The FrenchDoor fridge is WiFi- compatible.

A remarkable innovation is the Ultrasonic Stain Remover Pen. Once filled with water and laundry liquid, it dissolves stains, giving stained garments a gentle yet potent pre- treatment before washing.

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