Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Beurer’s wide range of wellness products serve the intersection of health and innovation.

The focus at this year’s Innovation Media Briefing was first on the Maremed humidifier, which is not only for general use, but also for relief from asthma.

According to Beurer Managing Director Georg Walkenbach, consumer interest in products like these is predicted to rise as there are 300m asthma sufferers worldwide, one tenth of whom are located in the EU. Moreover many patients are seeking alternative treatments to medication.

Maremed is manually filled with water and sea salt. Using patented technology, its filter purifies the air and a UVC lamp purifies the outgoing humidified air. Maremed eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses, and can also be used preventatively against common allergies such as hay fever.

According to Walkenbach, “We can now bring the sea breeze into your home. It’s not just a humidifier, it’s a humidifier based on salt water. The secret behind this new device is that the air is pumped through the water, picking up the humidity as it goes along, as well as the salt. ”

The virtual postural trainer 8sense was also introduced. Sedentary occupations are a known threat to posture and general health, yet most users need personalised guidance. The 8sense device is clipped onto clothing at the nape of the neck, providing real-time posture feedback through vibrations. Its algorithms recognise and analyse daily movements and habits, while data is gathered on the accompanying, Bluetooth- connected app.

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