Markus Kick, Global strategic insights at GfK looks at the global retail market for smartphones, TV & audio.

In 2018, Asia Pacific accounted for the biggest share – with €330bn – a rise of 3% on the previous year. Europe had €166bn in sales – a rise of 6%, while the North American market accounted for €147bn, a rise of 4%.

Asia and Europe account for two thirds of global turnover. Smartphones account for 65% of the market, followed by computing and TV – each at 16%. Biggest growth is in the headphone market plus 37% year on year – now accounting for 2% of the total market.

Performance was the enabler to deliver on the need for rich experience. Consumers, says Mr Kick, are looking for superior and immersive gaming experiences from their PCs. When it comes to TV, they want more pleasure in a superior picture quality format. With smartphones, people was to capture and share high quality moments in life and have fun on the go, while in audio, people want to enjoy a cinema-like sound experience.

Sight and sound are increasingly blending as an “ecosystem”with embedded sound in TVs and home sound systems in the smart home ecosystem.

51% of global respondents said they had played games on a computer in the last 30 days. The gaming ecosystem is thus evolving rapidly. Gaming notebooks are the main device, but the hype goes well beyond computers, in particular in the field of high-end monitors.

Borderless shopping is another key new trend. 38% of respondents said they need shops and services they use available at all times. The move to online purchasing is slowing, however, as omnichannel becomes commonplace.