With the ESL One tournament just around the corner – in October – in Hamburg, Euronics will be riding the wave of esports popularity as a key partner.

Euronics International, a retail group consisting of 26 members across 35 countries in Europe, CIS, and the Middle East, announced on 27 May, 2019, the landmark sponsorship with ESL, the world’s largest esports company, broadcasting major global esports tournaments. The deal will not only centre around the famous ESL One tournament in Hamburg in October, but will also include National Leagues in key markets including France, Italy, and Spain.
The Group launched its updated brand identity in 2017, reiterating its core focus on innovative technologies and customer solutions of which gaming forms a key part, in preparation of identifying the appropriate international sponsorship opportunity which has been realised with ESL.
“The popularity and flexibility of partnering with ESL in esports has provided the Euronics Group with an exciting opportunity to collaborate simultaneously across all our markets, those carrying the Euronics logo as well as those Euronics members with strong local brands such as Boulanger (France) and Teknosa (Turkey)” said John Olsen, Managing Director of Euronics International. “For us, providing ‘a human touch in a digital world’ is our guiding principle in everything we do both instore and online. With direct access to an extremely engaged audience across multiple channels we identified great synergies with ESL. We both have a passion for creating meaningful and unforgettable experiences for our customers and fans.”
Activation will feature in- store across all markets and around events with branding in and around the venues, players, fans and across all digital platforms, offering the ideal opportunity to connect audiences and develop customer relationships and promote the Euronics brand in new and existing markets.