The Swiss coffee making specialist JURA presented their latest high-tech machines at the Innovations Media Briefing.

“The ENA 8 utilises AI to the fullest and will also allow you to order via our J.O.E. App (JURA Operating Experience) and Siri. Not only does it enable you to order your favourite coffee – and ENA offers over 12 different types of coffee – but it also instructs you in how best to care for this nifty, compact device”, explains Wiebke Reineke, Sales Director, JURA Germany.

At the Innovations Media Briefing, the Swiss coffee and gourmet specialist announced ENA 8, the latest version of their single-cup, fully automatic coffee machine. Two models were presented: The Full Metropolitan Black and Solid Aluminium.
Both models combine impressive design with sophisticated technology and now come with a touch screen. They also now offer a choice of 12 coffee types.

“Those of us who are espresso connoisseurs know that the espresso cup needs to be heated before the coffee comes in,” says Reineke.

A 2.8-inch TFT touch screen, combined with Artificial Intelligence and the JURA App J.O.E. are combined to make creating a coffee even easier. ENA 8 features a Rondell view on the display. Coffee connoisseurs can now look forward to a perfect Coffee Barista or the new Cortado. The latter is an espresso mixed with just a touch of warm milk. Further to this, a specially developed algorithm ensures that the ENA 8 can independently recognize the individual preferences of each coffee lover and adapt the start screen accordingly.


The single-cup automatic machine uses an AromaG3 grinder and the pulse extraction process (P.E.P.) and an automatic filter type detection (I.W.S.) indicates whether the ENA 8 is being used and adjusts the corresponding settings automatically.

Reineke says, “It is all about ordering and creating your coffee in the most comfortable way possible”

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