Tobias Wahl, Head of Product Management and Marketing of Retail Indoor Products at Kärcher, announced during the Innovations Media Briefing that his company aims to make floor cleaning easier and more effective.

Wahl ensured “some of our products rely on chemicals to clean, while others utilise steam and provide the perfect cleaning solution for every surface. What’s more, cleaning with Kärcher appliances means you are killing 99.99% of the known bacteria that thrive on floor surfaces.”

Wahl introduced two new upright models, the SC Upright Easy Fix and the FC 5 Cordless Premium. The latter allows users to vacuum and wash their floors at the same time. The cleaner enables maximum ease of use when cleaning hard floors. It features a practical 2-in-1 function to pick up wet and dry dirt in a single step, which means it is not necessary to vacuum beforehand.

Kärcher SC 3 Upright Easy Fix Premium is a steam mop that deep-cleans hard floors. As it comes with a three-stage steam volume control operated, it is easy to find the right amount of steam for use on different surfaces including tiles, wood and carpet.

Wahl points out Kärcher products provide the perfect cleaning solution to just about any surface. For families with children and allergy- sufferers in particular, cleaning with steam is ideal, because thorough use removes 99.99% of all common household bacteria, without any chemicals – just the power of hot steam.

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