The credo of Bosch home appliances this year is “zero is hero”. “Bosch always tries to address people and their needs. Our appliances reflect what it means to live consciously. We wish to contribute to a society that has a growing awareness of its responsibilities to the environment, a society that is changing, where men and women are looking to share their responsibilities in the household,” explained Harald Friedrich Managing Director of Bosch Household Appliances at the company’s recent power briefing in Berlin.

Avoiding waste and conserving energy are the leitmotifs that run through Bosch’s latest range of household appliances. Many utilise artificial intelligence (AI), which is skilfully integrated into the appliances using high-performance sensors.

This has allowed Bosch to developed the first oven that can predict when a roast or cake is ready. With the VitaFresh system, Bosch refrigerators allow consumers to keep food fresh for as long as possible.

A new innovation is Bosch’s latest solutions for allergy sufferers, where a new circulating air filter for extractor hoods CleanAir Plus, cleans 99% of pollen from the air.

In 2019, the Bosch Home Professional series presents the first tumble dryer that interacts with the washing machine and automatically selects the right program and so the laundry is dried optimally. And now a new door filter system, means fluff only needs to be cleaned about eight times a year, a chore that had to be done several times a week.

And all this as quietly as possible, as the trio the washing machine WAY287W5, the tumble dryer WTY887W6 and the dishwasher SMS68TW00E utilise high-tech components for noise reduction worldwide.

Friedrich referred to the trend researcher, Daniel Anthes who said that today, more people are becoming conscientious about their consumption, but this should not mean that high quality and attractive design are forfeited.

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