5G, AI and innovative screen technologies take great strides forward

This year at IFA, yet again major trends will be announced in several fields, all working together in “coinnovation”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will see the onset of exciting trends: many types of devices make use of self- teaching digital systems and are able to improve their performance over time. Voice-controlled systems for example can continually upgrade their performance. AI is built into the latest generation of 8k screens so that they can perfectly adapt today’s image resolutions to the new, ultra-sharp pixel grid. It also helps make the sound as good as the images: intelligent software can recognize whether the sound comes from a football stadium, a newsroom or a concert hall and make corresponding adjustments.

5G, the technology for tomorrow’s superfast communication networks, is the dominant feature of other innovative trends. The first market-ready 5G smartphones will be on show at IFA 2019, with other mobile devices to follow soon.

Innovative screen technology continues to set the tone in spectacular fashion at IFA – exible OLED screens for instance: visitors to IFA can look forward to large TVs that can be rolled up and stowed away in a neat cabinet as well as tablets that can be folded in half to make a handy smartphone. Prototypes will offer a foretaste of the mobile phone of the future, looking like a large bracelet adorning one’s wrist. Other prototype screens are able to switch to ‘transparent mode’, if desired, and resemble a clear window pane until the device software puts colourful images onto the screen again.

The IFA Global Press Conference 2019 had an entire section dedicated to market insights, with five presentations – four from GfK and one from IHS Markit / Technology