At this year’s Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin, Miele tracked its illustrious past and announced innovations for the coming season.

Bernhard Hörsch, Director of Sales at Miele, introduced the company’s latest developments in the kitchen, in washing, drying, and in trade practices.

Looking back on 120 years of tradition, with attractive performance and good value for money, highlights of the past few years include the Blizzard, the first bagless vacuum by Miele, the Dialog Cooker with electromagnetic waves, and the mobile- controlled AutoDos dishwasher featuring an integrated PowerDisk.

In the kitchen, Miele presented its new Generation 7000 series. FoodView technology sends HD images from inside the oven to the smartphone thanks to a heat-resistant camera. TasteControl regulates temperature and moisture remotely via smartphone, keeping dishes warm, while the MotionReact feature predicts the next step of the cooking process and reacts to users it senses approaching.

Miele’s relaunch of its washing machine and dryer range is its biggest ever of this product group. QuickPowerWash speeds up the wash, reducing it to up to 49 minutes, ideal for family households. The EcoSpeed feature on dryers boasts A+++ energy efficiency while drying 8kg of laundry in 2:35 hours — an advantage of 20 minutes. AddLoad allows users to add extra pieces of laundry while the machine is already in operation.

The current washing machine ranges, W1 and T1, are introducing new aesthetic features — lotus white, obsidian black, aluminium silver colours on the hood, an illuminated drum, and a high- quality chrome exterior ring.

One exclusive and noteworthy element of this is Miele’s conscious decision to make these available only at brick- and-mortar retailers. Miele attributes this loyalty to longstanding collaborations with these retailers, of which 64% have disappeared in Germany between 1992 and 2019. 30% of Q1 2019 revenue in the sector was made online.

Miele has been a market leader of the past 10 years through its added-value partner concept; a selective distribution system, new partner ranges, fair conditions, and on-brand, adequate presentation at the POS.

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