Smart and Fujitsu are the new key partners for the convention of global insights and ideas exploring how future mobility will change the way we think, live, and drive, Shift Automotive on 10 & 11 September 2019 at IFA.

“Fujitsu will provide an experience that could propel the visitor’s right into the future of connected mobility through a quantum leap,” says Dr Joseph Reger, CTO CE and EMEIA at Fujitsu, adding, “The notion of quantum computing and conceivable quantum computers are introduced and described briefly, together with the technology of major existing categories and their relationships.”

Kirsten Ehrlich, Head of smart sales Germany says, “We are happy to be part of this because smart has always been the car of the future. From 2020, the brand will change the switch: smart will be fully electric. At the Shift AUTOMOTIVE, we also present our innovative ‘ready to services’ that significantly expand urban mobility – for example, you can easily share your own vehicle with others or have your packages delivered to your own vehicle instead of home.”

IFA Executive Director, Jens Heithecker says the philosophy behind Shift Automotive is very different to anything else on the market: “We realised that it did not make sense to only bring car manufacturers to a show like this. It is not the concept of IFA, it is not an integrated concept for the new digital mobility, and this is why we positioned Shift Automotive in this very different way. It is not only about technology; it is about what the consumer sees as being the benefits. We also have to look at what happens to the driver if he or she is no longer actively driving. What do they do? What does the interior look like? What is the real usage now of the car or vehicle? What will change? Is shared transport the way to go? With this focus on the consumer, from the user-side, we differentiate this event from every convention or tradeshow on these topics worldwide. Last year, we started this convention very carefully. It will develop over the next years and we will see how far it can go”.