A meeting with DACH Marketing Director Matthias Wietstock at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing

Matthias Wietstock has been almost 25 years with the Philips brand, in various international sales and marketing roles. We asked him why it was important to have brought sound and vision together under one umbrella.

We basically now say it’s “Philips Consumer Electronics” – not under Royal Philips – but with the backing of a big Taiwanese company. We are now also seeing the first results, being own-developed products, which we are bringing to market at IFA.

The OLED is still the flagship product for the brand…
Exactly. We will have the new 8 series OLED after we won something like 48 awards with the predecessor with the 803 and the 903 series. We are happy to be working with Bowers and Wilkins on this model as a premium brand. They will also help us to become even more high-end, which is our ambition. It is interesting to see how we are able to further improve the quality of an OLED TV at a price point above €2000. This shows that both sound and picture quality are the most important features in making a TV better than most of our competitors. The Ambilight is still our USP, and it is one of the most important things we will include in our communication for our OLED TVs, but also for our mid-range products.

Photo: Matthias Wietstock, Marketing Director for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Philips TV & Audio