At this year’s Innovations Media Briefing, Dr Thorsten Böker, Director of Product Management at Samsung, presented the company’s projected shift from isolated smart solutions to an interconnected smart home.

Dr Böker explained, “A smart home is the sum of its connected devices, personalised by the people who live in it; the design of Samsung’s IoT-compatible products is therefore highly user- oriented.”

190m people are already using the SmartThings mobile app, available for use on devices like smartphones, tablets, and fridges. Samsung believes in the ease of introduction to the benefits of a smart home as its individual products are so common. It predicts all its devices will be IoT-compatible before 2020.

The SmartHub is the nucleus of the smart home ecosystem. Its central interface is controlled by the SmartThings mobile app, where settings and scenarios can be tailored to the individual. Powered by mesh WiFi, it is also compatible with any existing smart home assistants such as Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and also features self-optimising bandwidth management. Other devices include the Motion Sensor, which increases home security by recording movements in its 120° scope, the Multipurpose Sensor, which provides home surveillance in the user’s absence, and the Water Leak Sensor.

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