2019 IFA International – Day 1 Edition

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It’s a showcase to the future. The heart of what IFA is all about: IFA NEXT was conceived two years ago as a way to project the future, through start-ups, research projects and conference sessions, all in one place. As with everything else at IFA, the concept has grown and evolved quickly to become an unavoidable concentration of forward thought that will be the basis of a countless number of roadmaps for the future.

So, it makes sense to get back to the heart of where much of the world’s innovation has come from in the past decades: Japan – as the first Global Innovation Partner of IFA NEXT.

The Japan Pavilion’s maxim is “Interface with Consideration and Sensibility”, where examples of new human-machine interface developed in line with inherent Japanese traits, in a society where cyberspace and physical space are highly integrated, are being demonstrated.

Whether it’s Artificial intelligence, IoT, big data, or robotics – the world ahead will achieve advanced convergence between cyberspace and physical space, giving rise to the demand for human-machine interfaces. The Japan Pavilion presents new user interfaces developed by various innovators from major corporations to start-ups. These user interfaces embody high reliability and Japan’s unique sensibility to create natural comfort. Interfaces that augment a variety of human actions and create new value – as IFA NEXT’s rst partner county, Japan invites you to experience tomorrow’s user interfaces created by Japanese tech culture. For many, it won’t be the first time that Japan takes us “Back to the Future”… but what a future it will be!


Richard Barnes

IFA International