Already a reference for gamers, the brand gets even more “serious” and brings a new range for “creators”

Acer arrives at IFA this year with a whole new product portfolio. We asked Acer European President Emmanuel Fromont to tell us about it.

It’s a refreshing change for us who are probably best known for our gaming products. We’ve realised that people do want high-end performance but not necessarily just for gaming. 50% of our Predator customers use their PCs for both gaming and creative software, and almost 20% use them for high demanding graphic applications. That’s why we recently introduced ConceptD, a new brand for users interested in the level of performance of gaming machines, but looking for a more sophisticated design. Having already launched two workstations, four notebooks and two professional displays, it’s clear we are serious about this market. We have established ourselves as a reference to the most demanding gamers, so we have ample means to impose ourselves in the field of the equally demanding creators.

What has the product range been designed to do?

With this new brand, we target demanding users who do not compromise on performance. All the new ConceptD products leverage much of the technology from Predator gear when it comes to features like cooling, internal architecture, ergonomics, and so on. In the meantime, since these are workstations aimed primarily at architects, animators, graphics designers, engineers, film makers, product designers, visual effects specialists, and so on, stability and reliability are the cornerstones of these PCs. In fact, ConceptD revolves around four pillars: performance, silence, design and precision, and especially delivering accurate colours on monitors.


Gaming is a fast-growing segment. What’s new in Acer’s gaming offering this year?

Our mantra is “progress through innovation”. We are leaning into innovation that excites people, gives people a good reason why they need a new PC. That’s why we have largely invested in cooling systems, design, and portability starting from Triton 700 last year and moving to our new entry, Predator Helios 700. It features a unique HyperDrift forward-sliding keyboard that helps maximise air ow to keep the system running cool and quiet while delivering a sleek modern look. Then there’s the Predator Thronos, our giant and acclaimed gaming chair that will be available at our booth for media, customers and visitors. We are the only company to produce a gaming chair that has been engineered to work speci cally with a set of components which deliver a fully immersive experience through sound, haptic feedback and vibrations that correspond with gameplay.

What’s the strategy behind all those dedicated market segments?

We already sell plenty of “value” PCs; commodity systems that offer good specs for the price and we are thriving in the gaming and education markets too, where performance and sturdiness matter. Now, we want to continue to pursue the so called “micro-trends” courting on segments which are growing within the PC industry. Here, we see an opportunity to shine by providing a more curated PC experience; a completely different strategy from its approach to mainstream PCs.

How important is IFA as a promotional platform for Acer?

Our main goal is to connect with customers and media from all over Europe right upfront of the most important season of the year. Most of our markets are attending, and we hope there will be much more in the coming years.

Photo: Emmanuel Fromont, President, Acer Europe