Bosch Household Appliances used its IFA press conference to highlight the increasing power of Artificial Intelligence. Later this year, AI will show what it can do with the launch of the new Bosch Serie 8 sensor ovens.

Harald Friedrich, Managing Director, Bosch Household Appliances, said: “These appliances say in advance when cakes or roasts will be ready, by taking account of the individual preparation of the food item in the oven.

The connected oven learns based on a growing volume of anonymised data from a large number of baking and roasting processes.”


Bosch also unveiled Cookit, the brand’s first connected multifunctional food processor with cooking function. Cookit offers varied and time-saving preparation options such as Guided Cooking and manual cooking, as well as numerous automatic programmes. “Fitted with the Home Connect App, cooking inspirations can also be sent to Cookit from the comprehensive recipe pool,” Mr Friedrich said, “cooking has never been so simple.” Bosch’s latest developments in laundry care also rely on smart technologies. Using the Smart Dry function, the connected washing machine and dryer are closely interconnected. Mr Friedrich said: “The washing machine sends the parameters from the last wash – programme, ll level and remaining moisture content – to the dryer. The dryer then automatically selects the appropriate drying programme.

“The new dryer no longer needs a door lter to capture uff. Thanks to AutoClean, the uff is directed to a repository at the bottom of the appliance. With average appliance use, the filter only needs to be emptied around eight times a year, whereas previously when using a door filter this had to be done around 160 times”.

Hall 3.1, Stand 101

Photo: Harald Friedrich, Managing Director, Bosch Household Appliances