Esports and VR are driving fast-moving growth for gaming

After massive growth, the gaming industry now represents an entire ecosystem, according to GfK. The gaming hardware market recorded a 15% increase year-on-year to reach over €5.51bn turnover (global coverage excluding North America). After multiple quarters of double- digit growth, the demand for gaming OEM desktops between January and June 2019 was lower (-4%) mainly due to a decline in China and a slowdown in EMEA. However, gaming OEM notebooks continued their success story and grew by 12%, generating €3.16bn turnover. Gaming monitors were the fastest growing segment with an increase of 42% and a turnover reaching €1.08bn for the first six months of the year.

A key sector trend has seen the esports industry move gaming into the mainstream, according to GfK. Millions of casual gamers are migrating to esports in search of money, fun, community and live entertainment. Younger audiences are responding to the resurgence of the game console business from the release of the next- gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and the upcoming Switch models. At IFA there is hardware dedicated to pros and would-be pros, with durability, accuracy and speed as key features. Nvidia’s laptop gaming segment just saw a 59% year-on-year revenue bump. Gamers are also excited about the latest IFA iterations in AR/VR. In 2018 Valve reported 0.8% of Steam users attach a VR headset; almost doubling from 16 months prior. ESL had six million unique views during its VR League season.


  • Gaming up 15% to over €5.51bn
  • OEM notebooks up 12% generating €3.16bn
  • Gaming monitors up 42% to €1.08bn