A number of exciting new products are on show from Korea at this year’s IFA Global Markets, thanks to the support of the Korea Electronics Association (KEA).

Breathings is showing smart self-training device for expectant mothers to monitor their breathing and train for Lamaze breathing technique.

A highly original wireless charging mouse pad with wireless rechargeable mouse combo set from Bros & Company gives users a highly convenient experience.

Mercury is exhibiting mobile phone accessories such as stylish silicon cases and detachable diary cases. Gobukee, meanwhile, specialised in manufacturing screen protection products for mobile phones, is demonstrating a wide range of products.

An alkaline water ionizer from Lifecore boasts 12 patented technologies in water electrolysis and water puri cation.

Vovo Corporation’s integrated toilet with bidet is highly interesting both in design and function.

Intropack is demonstrating a high-quality vacuum sealer and the world’s first all-in- one sous vide machine.

Other products from the Korea Pavilion include outstanding electronic components such as SMD power inductors, line filters, transformers and IFT coils, just to name a few.

> STATION-Berlin, Hall S1, Stands 131 & 131a