This year’s LG Electronics booth at IFA 2019 is centred around delivering new value for customers in line with changing trends in living spaces. We asked I.P. Park, the company’s President and CTO, to tell us more.

Depicted through the LG ThinQ Home – the highlight of this year’s LG exhibition – the booth imitates six distinct actual living spaces and how LG ThinQ products will bring about transformational changes to the home. LG ThinQ Home will encompass both openness and integration, shown through the “Great Living Kitchen”, a combined space which can be used as both a kitchen and living room, as well as the personalised care expected from a home office or styling room. It features innovative LG ThinQ products, from the Rollable OLED TV to the LG HomeBrew, without compromising the personalisation capabilities that cater to diverse lifestyles.

LG ThinQ will expand from its initial offerings focused on delivering AI capabilities of individual products to providing an integrated home solution. The visionary lifestyle realised by LG ThinQ was also explored through yesterday’s “LG Future Talk”, focused on technology that will drive LG into the future, including AI and 5G accompanied by exclusive new technology demonstrations that LG has recently been working on. In addition, the LG stand also features an OLED attractor at the entrance to emphasize LG Electronics’ OLED leadership, along with a separate space dedicated as the LG SIGNATURE Brand zone highlighting its ultra- premium image focused on the fundamentals.


How is ThinQ evolving, and what does this mean to the consumer?

As one of the three pillars defining LG ThinQ – evolve, connect, open – the ability to evolve has been fundamental in providing consumers with a more personalised product experience. LG ThinQ products offer features that are optimised and personalised for each consumer by recognising, learning and analysing individual patterns. They become more valuable with the passing of time, evolving to better meet consumers’ personal needs, as opposed to in the past, when it was natural for home electronics to lose value the more they were used.

LG ThinQ allows AI devices to go beyond simply executing voice recognition and understand the purpose and intention behind each command. Such contextual understanding requires AI to evolve through accumulating interactions with the users. LG ThinQ products will thus evolve over time by learning about users, connect seamlessly with customers’ lives and open an ecosystem of innovation.

How will AI affect our lives in the coming years?

There is little doubt that AI will bring a fundamental change to every aspect of our lives. It will present new possibilities. We envision AI technology to convene all aspects of our lives into one connected flow and create a seamless living experience. Some specific examples include a home that knows what kind of day you had in the office and automatically prepares the perfect evening for you upon arrival. With AI, we can also imagine a kitchen that will learn what you’re watching on TV and order exactly what you need. Lastly, we can even envision self-driving cars that can pick up your orders just through a text message.

Photo: I.P. Park, President and CTO, LG Electronics