Philips Press Conference reveals advances in audio and healthcare

As Kostas Vouzas, CEO Philips TV & Audio, Europe, took to the stage at IFA on Thursday, his theme was partnerships and how their true value was to “bring the best out of each other.” He cited the genius of producer George Martin working with The Beatles as an example, and it proved a relevant analogy as the press conference showcased how Philips TV will now be renamed Philips TV And Audio: sound has become an equal partner in their CE vision.

“We are on a journey to bring Philips Audio back where it belongs,” Vouzas said. The Beatles connection is echoed in one of their new partnerships with Abbey Road Studios, alongside other partner brands including Netflix, Georg Jensen and Dolby Vision. To demonstrate how important the audio element is to the product range, Vouzas revealed that for their new flagship TV, the OLED+ 984, audio partners Bowers & Wilkins were tasked with completely re- engineering the speakers. “This is the cherry on top of what is already the best picture quality on the market, with the most advanced systems ever installed in a TV,” he said. Motivated by 101 international awards in 2018 for their TV products, Vouzas claimed the company was determined to “make the best TVs in the world – products that are half TV, half art” revealing significant improvements to the latest evolution of all their OLED Ambilight range.

The press conference also revealed that the Philips mission was to “improve the lives of three billion people by 2030” through its health technology. “We want to help people live a happy and healthy life every day,” said Roy Jakobs, Executive Vice- President and Chief Business Leader, Royal Philips, revealing how new products including the Smart Shaver 7000, the SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band and the Airfryer XXL employed AI to personalise and improve the user experience. “We are using the very latest technologies to work together to really understand consumers, so that our solutions intelligently adapt to their needs. The innovations we are showcasing at this year’s IFA offer consumers data-driven personalised insights and coaching advice, making it easier for them to adopt healthier choices that integrate seamlessly into their daily routines,” Jakobs said. Joining Vouzas onstage, the partnership between the two concluded with the company’s mission statement: to help its customers “Care better, eat better, sleep better – and be entertained better”.

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Photo: Roy Jakobs Executive Vice-President and Chief Business Leader, Royal Philips
Kostas Vouzas CEO Philips TV & Audio, Europe