Technology opens up the connected world for people with hearing problems

The latest range of digital hearing devices from ReSound, optimise Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users full access to streaming services on both IOS and Android, as well as GPS navigation and even instant translation.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates 466 million people live with disabling hearing loss, and that sufferers can have both their personal and professional lives greatly altered. But, like many others with medical issues, they are finding that technology is now able to address many problems, helping them participate fully in an increasingly connected world.

But there are other issues hearing impaired face, says ReSound’s Martin Schaarschmidt.“People are concerned that a hearing aid can look ugly,” he explains, adding, “the latest models are tailored to fit inside a person’s ear, hence almost invisible and ReSounds devices are particularly discreet.”

The units can adjust automatically to what is happening around the user, so noisy train stations or airports no longer present the challenge they may have in the past.

“These products are made to the personal needs of each user and can be fully adjusted over the ReSound 3D app,” says Schaarschmidt. “The latest range also allows users to enjoy live concerts without experiencing the discomforts caused in older models, and battery life has been extended to 12 hours.”

ReSound products allow people who may have retreated from public life because of hearing loss, to return feeling not only safer, but better equipped to face the challenges presented in daily life.

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