Short-distance vehicle manufacturer Segway- Ninebot is unveiling new self-propelled products and outlining its business objectives at IFA. “Our target is one billion customers,” Dennis Hardholt, President EMEA, Segway-Ninebot, told an IFA press conference. The company sold 2.3 million units in 2018 and that is likely to increase this year.
The aim is to “simplify the movement of people and objects in an environmentally friendly way.’’ While we will always need planes and cars, “short-distance car journeys are bad for the environment” and Segway-Ninebot can help solve that problem by targeting journeys of 50km and less.

For “short commutes” the KickScooter T60 is the rst Segway-Ninebot product to be released as part of its shared kick scooter line. The T60 can pilot itself to riders and back to its charging station using vision-based navigation technology. The company ‘s products can move objects too – for example the Segway DeliveryBot S2 and the Segway Outdoor DeliveryBot X1. Both can transport items to the right destination – to a workers desk, for example with the S2, or the entrance to a warehouse with the X1 – making working environments and just-in-time logistics more efficient.

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Photo: Dennis Hardholt President EMEA, Segway-Ninebot