The Japan Pavilion brings a new dimension to IFA NEXT 2019

Today, the global community is facing rapid transformation into a digital society where cyberspace and physical space are becoming highly integrated, merging without borders. Trustworthy global rules and methods allowing users to benefit from digitalisation are becoming increasingly essential.

“Interface with Consideration and Sensibility” is Japan’s maxim at IFA NEXT 2019. As IFA NEXT’s first- ever Global Innovation Partner, Japan promotes the development of cutting edge technology in harmony with humans and the global society through the Japanese traits of consideration and mindfulness for the community.

Japan aims at creating an environment of “Data free- ow with trust”, a concept of safe data-flow, launching its rst stage – the “Osaka Track” at this year’s G20 summit held in Osaka. The key factor in becoming a digital society is “trust”. Thus, responsible and trustworthy human- centred technology remains the top priority in designing a meaningful partnership with machines in times of rapid transformation.


“Consideration and sensibility are the means to advance society in an integrated way, without leaving anyone behind”, explains a spokesperson for Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). “For example, Japan is facing an ageing society, where a digital divide between generations is a growing social issue. In order to gain the bene ts from digitalisation, it is important to improve user interfaces for everyone, including the elderly. If, for example, all generations connect to the networks via home appliances and wearable devices naturally, it will help minimise the gap. This is what we want to bring to the global society”.


A long standing world leader on the path to a super-smart society, called “Society 5.0”, Japan intends to incorporate modern technologies across all industries and social activities, achieving both economic development and solutions to social problems in parallel.

The IFA NEXT 2019 Japan pavilion represents the intersection between renowned Japanese precision and a sense of courtesy, both traits being inherent to the Japanese culture. 4 cross-sections – “Communicate”, “Move”, “Sense” and “Care” – each contain a wide variety of platforms on which humans and machines can connect to create a useful cooperation. Each cross-section is represented by a widely recognised, uniquely Japanese symbol: The Sakura cherry blossoms communicating the joy of spring without speaking a word; the Shinkansen bullet train moving at fast speed, offering the pleasures of travel and trust; the Chashitsu tea houses representing intimacy and a sense of concern for others; the Ryokan inn’s hospitality providing the ultimate care for patrons’ needs.


20 companies exhibit their latest technologies in the appropriate cross-sector of the pavilion; among them a special showcase: The J-Start- up programme, a cooperative forum supported by METI in conjunction with private industry, which brings to the stage a selection of 7 tech start- up companies. J-Startup was created to cultivate innovative progress, provide support and aid to over 10,000 Japanese start-ups in taking their creative product development to the next level in the global marketplace.

Japan and Germany share common ground in terms of industry, technology and innovation. We believe that Japan brings a hint of the coming society and contributes to the IFA NEXT vision as the first partner country”, said a spokesperson from METI.