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We are living in a scripted world that is being increasingly generated, driven and governed by data. Algorithms scan data from various sources in search of patterns that reveal something about our future selves.

Using the slogan “Shifting Patterns – The Rise of Dataism”, this year’s IFA+ Summit is taking a close- up look at the growing power of data, the ensuing responsibilities and the potential dangers to present social structures.

The subject matter of the IFA+ Summit is covered by four clusters: “Society”, “Interaction”, “Intelligence” and “Experience”. The IFA+ Summit is IFA’s future forum, and its many international speakers deliver a preview of the development of disruptive technologies in the digitally interconnected future.

A broad range of internationally renowned experts are discussing the risks and opportunities presented by data use. Whether it be a former advisor to the White House and NATO, or consultants to leading businesses such as Amazon and Microsoft, these speakers will be offering a well-founded overview of the “brave new world” of dataism. They will anticipate future results from various angles that are ahead of us – the good and the potentially bad.

Since 2014 the IFA+ Summit has served as the think tank for IFA, the world’s leading show for consumer and home electronics. This year more than ever, it will play a key role in setting a course for a better future for the industry… and the world.

Richard Barnes
IFA International