Danish high-end speaker manufacturer Dali is launching headphones for the first time at IFA 2019. The 35-year-old company looked briefly at the headphones market a few years back but was concerned then that Bluetooth was not ready for quality Hi-Fi transmission, Product Manager Krestian Pedersen said at Dali’s IFA press conference.
“We waited until the market was absolutely mature,” he said. And the resulting products are the Dali IO-4 and the Dali IO- 6, high-performance, wireless, rechargeable, over-ear, Hi-Fi headphones “with a closed-back design for exceptional sound quality”. They retail at €299 and €399 respectively.
Dali CEO Larz Worre said the company “considered the headphones as loudspeakers”, developing them as they have all their speaker systems over the years. “Every part is uniquely Dali,” Pedersen added. “These are by far the most complex products we’ve ever done”

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Photo: Krestian Pedersen Dali Product Manager