According to Liebherr-Hausgeräte’s head of communication & brand management, Silke Giessler, it’s all about finding a suitable solution for every customer requirement. We asked her to tell us more.

A shortage of living space in cities, rising rents as well as cellar-less and wheelchair-accessible buildings, are topics that are having a visible impact on our society. This has resulted in a growing demand for small fridges and freezers such as narrow free-standing appliances, compact table-top appliances and under-worktop fridges. Customers thus expect maximum flexibility when designing and equipping their kitchens or if they are replacing a fridge. Thanks to our wide product range of fridges and freezers, Liebherr-Hausgeräte offers a suitable solution for every situation.

Can you give some examples? 

In small kitchens with limited space, Liebherr under-worktop appliances with pull-out drawers make ideal use of this previously hard-to-access storage space. Thanks to the convenient and ergonomic LiftUp-Box, food items come straight to the customer and it offers plenty of space for food storage. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Appliances with their own specifically-developed cellar-temperature compartment offer supplementary storage, especially for houses and apartment buildings without cellar space. The recreated cellar temperature range is especially built for cold-sensitive and light-sensitive food such as potatoes, onions and tropical fruit.

How could you best describe Liebherr and how you fit into the market? 

Liebherr is a premium manufacturer of fridges and freezers. Its impressive appliances cater to people with a desire for sophisticated features, appealing designs and state of the art technology. Whether large or small models – the appliances leave nothing to be desired. Not only do they offer the perfect freshness solution for a better nutrition and a modern lifestyle, they also assist those with physical disabilities and create accessible spaces thanks to their ergonomic design.

Another trend is of course that people are seeking more space for their food, but the design is also increasingly important. How are you helping here? 

Whenever we create a new Liebherr fridge or freezer we ask ourselves: What do our customers need? How do they want to live? And how can we support them in their current and future lifestyle? Design – inside and outside- is an important aspect for our customers. People do not only want to store food in a fridge, they do want good design and a sensitive material that is good to touch. Liebherr offers the perfect product range of fridges and freezers from single household needs to large families with a high demand for individual food storage areas. The large appliances are also design highlights and space-saving marvels. For example, the side-by-side built-in appliances can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen in accordance with your own personal wishes and be combined to make a stylish design statement. An alternative to the side-by-side fridge-freezers – and a real eye-catcher in the kitchen – are the French door fridge-freezers. The two hinged doors in the fridge compartment offer particular character and is a design statement that often applied in modern spaces with open kitchens. 

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Photo: Silke Giessler, head of communication & brand management, Liebherr-Hausgeräte