Miele has launched a new range of built-in appliances, Generation 7000, which consists of ovens, hobs, coffee machines and dishwashers. 

Generation 7000, with four new design lines, also includes smart assistants, such as a camera in the oven or a system to prevent roasts from becoming too dry. Several machines even pre-empt the user’s next actions.

With its Generation 7000, Miele is introducing nearly 3,000 model versions worldwide. The four design lines of Generation 7000 are PureLine, VitroLine, ArtLine and ContourLine.

Miele says that PureLine offers a modern, contemporary appeal, with its solid handle, low-key stainless-steel trim and a glass front in obsidian black. VitroLine underlines its reserved and integrating style with a handle in appliance colour, and ArtLine with its minimalistic approach dispenses with a classical door handle altogether. 

Miele Art Line design

ArtLine design

The VitroLine and ArtLine design lines with their reduced all-glass fronts are available in graphite grey, brilliant white and obsidian black. In contrast, ContourLine relies heavily on its striking stainless-steel frame.

“’Generation 7000 appliances guide our customers through the cooking process,” says chief Miele designer Andreas Enslin. “Operating steps are intuitive, processes are smooth and natural. This new ease of handling leaves greater room for creativity.”

Miele with MotionReact is another cross-product feature, When required, Miele appliances are able to pre-empt the user’s next moves and automatically switch on when the user approaches, activating the oven lighting or deactivating the ringtone at the end of a programme. 

TasteControl, meanwhile, is described as a world first, which prevents overcooking. This function prevents food from overcooking by bringing the temperature in the oven interior down fast at the end of a programme. 

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Photo: VitroLine design