Italian company GRF Domestic Home Appliances has unveiled its Cross-Door fridge-freezer (CA91831) at this year’s IFA.

The product features a fridge capacity of 367 litres and a freezer capacity of 175 litres, while the handles are integrated to create a seamless look. With an energy rating of A++, this is a total no-frost model that features humidity control technology, while the doors can be opened to 90 degrees, enabling users to have good access.

The product also features a deodoriser filter, which uses activated charcoal to remove volatile organic compounds, odours and other gaseous pollutants from the air.

The product’s aluminium back wall helps to restore the internal temperature each time the door is opened. In this way, the food inside is not subjected to sharp temperature changes and remains fresh and well preserved. If the door stays open for more than 60 seconds, the alarm system is activated, warning that the door must be closed.


  1. Available in four finishes – inox, black inox, black glass, white glass
  2. Electronic touch screen control system
  3. Inverter compressor ensures greater energy efficiency

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