This coming Monday, on the Expert Talks stage at IFA Global Markets, Anouk Groen – CMF Design Forecaster will deliver her Design Inspiration Forecast – what she describes as a “visual journey through the latest design trends with a focus on CMF (colour material and finish), customer motivation and the social trends that drive them”. We asked her to tell us more about current trends.

2019 marks the centenary of the Bauhaus Design Movement; the birth of modern design. The movement encouraged functionality, simplicity and beauty. Fast forward to the 2020 design forecast, and we see the importance of “desirability” or “functional beauty”.

If a product is not desirable it is not functional. With new materials, coatings, and shaping techniques, design can be more intricate. Advanced detailing through 3D printing and tactile coatings such as rubber, silk and velvet add another dimension to product styling. Bio-based sources like flax, hemp and linen fibres provide good alternatives to plastics. In fashion, we see waterless textiles and natural dies replacing wasteful processes. Sustainability in materials and production is not just a trend, it is every company’s obligation to the planet and its customers.

What are the drivers of change?

We are living in a time of extreme contrast: socially, politically, and style-wise. We see this reflected in design from purest styling to retro revival to more expressive styles.

How important is IFA as a global platform for the discussion of topics like these?

IFA is the “Mecca” of consumer electronics and product design. Here walk the product- planners, marketers, and designers who influence future products in terms of concept, style, and the production process. Looking at products from different industries (not just competitors) gives information and justification for future choices, but more importantly, inspiration.


Date: Monday 9 September 2019
Time: 12:00 mid-day
Location: STATION-Berlin, Exposium