With the iQ700 activeLight model, Siemens home appliances turn the hob into a screen with intuitive operation. Designed to be so minimalistic and clean as to merge with dark countertops, the activeLight hob from Siemens home appliances is the first to dispense with printing. Only when cooking does the all-black glass screen come to life, inspiring with a “completely new user experience”. When switched off, the 80cm glass ceramic completely merges with the environment. After all, there are no pre-drawn cooking zones on their surface and no control panel. In addition, it can be inserted flush into the worktop. In black granite, artificial stone or ceramics, interior designers and kitchen planners achieve a consistent, clean aesthetic.


  1. Minimalistic design
  2. CookConnect combines hob and hood
  3. VarioInduction technology ensures that everything is heated evenly

> HALL 1.1, STAND 101