Miele presents its Generation 7000 series at IFA. FoodView technology sends HD images from inside the oven to the smartphone. And, for the first time, this feature is even available on pyrolytic self-cleaning models in which the camera is subject to intense heat. TasteControl regulates temperature and moisture remotely via smartphone, keeping dishes warm, while the MotionReact feature predicts the next step of the cooking process and reacts to users it senses approaching.

“Generation 7000 appliances guide our customers through the cooking process. Operating steps are intuitive, processes are smooth and natural,” says chief Miele designer Andreas Enslin, adding “This new ease of handling leaves greater room for creativity”.


  1. Smart: from the convenience of a mobile device, adjustments can easily be made to temperature and cooking time
  2. RemoteService function means software updates can be downloaded to an appliance for installation with great ease
  3. Unbeatable Miele quality and durability

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