As life expectancy averages rise, society is being confronted with numerous new notions, including “aging in place”.

While aging in place is often contemplated by many and preferred by most, it also requires a good deal of planning in order for the experience to be a positive one for all involved. And at the end of the day, accidents sometimes simply happen. That’s why reliable protection is needed in the trickiest parts of the house… and this is where a fall monitoring solution comes into play. But which one?
Many such solutions feature a wearable like a watch or a pendant. No matter how stylishly they’ve been designed, the truth is, these can be quite cumbersome. Plus, the user has to remember to put a wearable device on each and every day and have it on at all times, and for obvious reasons, it’s not all that practical in the bathroom either. In this case, it’s best to look for something as unobtrusive as possible, such as the Walabot HOME that has no wearables at all.
What if someone falls and is unconscious? They certainly can’t push a button to notify an operator. The device needs to get in touch with an emergency contact on their behalf, no matter what condition they are in. Walabot HOME is powered by the world’s most advanced radio frequency sensor technology. Vayyar technology is so accurate that it can detect 99% of falls.
When Walabot HOME detects a fall, it immediately notifies an emergency contact. The sooner help arrives, the faster treatment can be administered and the quicker your loved ones can return home.


  1. Doesn’t require wearing a bracelet
  2. Detects 99% of falls – four times more efficient than nearest competitor
  3. Creates peace of mind for users and their families

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